Active Bystander Training - Jan. 11

Active Bystander’ Training
Hosted by No Place for Hate – Falmouth
Saturday, January 11, 2 – 4:30 pm
Hermann Foundation Room, Falmouth Public Library Free of charge.

Active Bystanders’ Training helps participants recognize when they are bystanders, analyze situations, and evaluate the consequences for everyone involved. The training heightens bystanders’ power. It teaches how bystanders can interrupt harm doing and generate positive actions by others. Active bystandership does not mean aggression against the harm doer. It means taking responsible action to help people in need instead of remaining passive and becoming complicit. Bystanders gain competencies they need if they decide to act when they witness something they feel is unfair, or wrong, or troubling.
Seminar Content
1. Defines the roles of individuals involved in a harmful situation (target, harm doer, bystander);
2. Discusses the universal inhibitors that keep bystanders inactive when harm is occurring; participants create action plans to overcome them;
3. Examines the promoters of active bystandership (moral courage, inclusive caring, responsibility for others, reciprocity, etc.) and assists participants to discover bystanders’ positive power;
4. Stresses safety and helps participants develop a variety of intervention techniques;
5. Looks at how to analyze situations in the future when harm doing is encountered.